Dan Matthys


Dan is originally from Ontario, growing up on a tobacco farm with 3 brothers and a sister. My Mama and Papa had emigrated from Belgium in 1951. Growing up on a farm was a wonderful education and helped develop some disciplines. When our family moved into the city I struggled. I was a total outsider and too naïve to adapt well. I was blessed with finding my way into a Baptist youth group that shared life. That was one of the crossroads of my life and that need to belong, be accepted and cared for still resonates.

Today I am married to Judie and together we have three terrific kids; Michael (engaged to Michelle), Rachael (Scott) granddaughter Clara and our youngest daughter Rebecca.

My career has always been in the printing and direct marketing sectors. After graduating with a diploma in graphic design from Fanshawe College in London I fell in love with the printing industry – another cross road. Moving from design and prepress to operations I gravitated towards customer interaction and providing solutions to business challenges. I enjoy collaboration with people. After providing sales management and business development services to a number of international printing companies I left the corporate world in December of 2014.

In April of 2015 I began MIRACA direct. It’s a simple company providing print, marketing and business development solutions. On my best days Jesus is in charge. I love those days. I’m working hard to get out of His way.